Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Skyline Obsession

It's really a shame that I only have an iPhone 3G (ancient in technology time) to take pictures right now in Chicago. I'm pretty obsessed with the buildings and the skyline as seen from a distance near my place and all over the city. Thus far I LOVE the city. It's easy to get around, there is always something going on and people seem genuinely nice. I wish these pictures could better showcase how awesome the views are around the city! 

I'm enjoying the last month before school starts, the start of more fall weather and exploring more around the different neighborhoods- probably to eat more food. Oh and of course enjoying having a pool... 

Views from around the city via my awful phone:

From Grant Park looking North, during Lollapalooza 
Right before a crazy storm, the sky looked so awesome, but this doesn't do it justice
Awesome architecture- Wrigley building and Tribune tower
Sears tower in the back 
View from my roof  
Really windy day- look at those waves


  1. I know! I'm holding out for my birthday because I'm cheap...